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Dive Sites & Description



There are 22 amazing spots that cover Ababa’s beautiful sea life to dive and snorkel in.

Several of them are very close to the beach and can be accessed from the shore, making Aqaba the perfect place for beginner divers and experts alike.

First Bay – North

With a wide sandy plain, a sloping reef and incredible  coral pinnacles, the First Bay North is the perfect spot for everything from shallow to deep diving.

First Bay – South

A fascinating dive site with something for everyone . Cabbage – like Corals, Parrot fish, Hermit Crabs, Cuttlefish, Stonefish and Eight – linked Wrasse Cornet fish, are some of the few amazing creatures you will see here!

The Power Station

Named after the power station that’s right outside the diving site, this breathtaking diving spot is only accessible by boat . With the reef sloping down to 12 meters before dropping vertically to as deep as 200 meters, divers can descend the wall to discover magnificent coral reef, moray eels, and larger fish.

Cedar Pride Wreck

In 1985, then Crown Prince his Majesty King Abdullah ll sank a former Lebanese

Freighter to serve as a prime dive site in the Red Sea , The wreck is known as the Cedar Pride and is largely intact, giving divers the opportunity to swim  inside and underneath the ship to discover beautiful coral and vibrant sea life .

Here would be your chance to see bigger creatures such as barracudas and sea turtles, and if you dive at night, you will be to come across lobsters and fish that glow in the dark!

The best part? You can approach this dive site from the shore, making it an ideal place to explore even for beginners.

Japanese Garden

Located on the same beach as the Cedar Pride and easily accessible from the shore, the Japanese Garden dive starts in shallow waters before gently sloping down to the breathtaking reef bed. Endless coral pinnacles with bright and colorful fish abound here, giving divers something interesting to see everywhere around them. With picturesque visibility, the coral in this famous dive spot is gorgeous and appears to go on forever!

Black Rock

With a magnificent coral garden just below the surface, this dive is perfect for snorkeling as well as diving. The reef is home to numerous fish including the Emperor, Snapper, Lyre Tail, Parrotfish and many others. Keep an eye out turtles in this one!

The Seven Sisters

Named after a cluster of stars called the Seven Sisters, this dive site has seven pinnacles of corals to explore. With a stunning collection of ethereal coral formations, and diverse marine life, be prepared to spend hours exploring this wondrous area.

Ras Al yamanya

This area is considered perfect for first-timers or beginner divers as they can practice without the risk of damaging coral on a standing depth that drops to 5 meters. Ras Al Yamanya boasts a vibrant range of fish species and is great site for spotting something amazing every time!

King Abdullah Reef

One of the coolest and longest dives in Aqabal A few of this spots inhabitants are pennant fish, Spotted Torpedo Rays, and Fan Corals, Some divers reported spotting the Hawksbill turtle a few times, so make sure you keep your eyes open in this dive, for this one’s a beauty!

Rainbow Reef

Named after its rainbow-like shape, the true magic of the Rainbow Reef can be best experienced at night where Spanish Dancers, Lobsters, Moray Eels welcome divers with their luminous, vibrant colors all along the sandy channel and steep coral reef.

Tarmac Five Barge Wreck

This barge was intentionally sunk by its owner in 1996 and landed on an old sea boat that has been sitting at the bottom of the sea since the 1970s, Luckily, divers can now explore this beautiful wreck which hosts a great variety of fish including Blue Spotted Rays and Frogfish.

Gorgon 1

A favorite among many : this spot is known for greeting divers with a zigzag entrance that goes through a fringing reef, and slopes down to a huge, beautiful fan-shaped coral.

This spectacular reef has three large pinnacles with abundance of life and different ecosystems surrounding them. If you are lucky enough, you will get to spot the Devil Scorpion fish which is a frequent visitor to the area!

Gorgon 2

Named after its two Gorgonian Fan Corals, this spectacular diving spot is a true marine life wonderland Huge shoals of Fusiliers are common in this area, and you will always be able to spot Blue Tangs, Lionfish, Moray Eels, Scorpion fish, Parrotfish, Wrasse fish and Sea Turtles.

New Canyon(the Tank)

Home of magnificent species and a bustling marine life, this very flat sloping reef starts from 12 meters deep. At 5 meters deep, divers can spot and swim around the shell of a tank sunck by His Majesty King Abdullah in 1999.

Eel Canyon

Apart from being home to Garden Eels (small creatures that live in the grassy areas of the seabed), divers will quickly notice that this lively spot is full of surprises. A galaxy of sea creatures resides in the Eel Garden including Gold fish, Lion fish and many others, A true photographers paradise!

Yellowstone Reef

This site is renowned for its surreal  beauty  and vividly colored corals, Deep divers can experience the larger sea creatures here, without missing smaller species of fish such as the Razor fish and Napoleon fish,

The site is named after the yellow corals that can be seen from the surface and after Yellowstone Park in the USA.

Kiwi Reef

Kiwi Reef, named after the diver from New Zealand who discovered it, is a photographers paradise due to its shallow coral pinnacles which hold their very own ecosystems and from a glittering world hidden deep beneath the surface.

Blue Coral

This spot is named after the richness of blue corals found in it. It is made of three large coral fingers that offer countless fish and seas creatures to explore, which makes it impossible to cover the entire spot in just one dive!

The site has a nice fusion of sea grass and sandy patches, and the coral reefs extend down from 10 meters to 50 meters deep.


With the many red soft corals found along this site, there is a breathtak-ing image waiting to be captured at every corner.

This site contains vibrant fish which includes Octopi, Unicorn fish, Humphead, Wrasse, Lionfish, Trumpet fish and many others.


Numerous fish gather in this natural aquarium in the middle of the Red Sea, creating a spectacular movie-like scene that can only be described as magical.

Moon Valley

This spectacularly peculiar site is named after a valley in the beautiful Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum.

This spot offers a vary steep dive with many larger fish including the occasional Shark which likes to make an appearance every now and then, and is considered perfect for taking photo due to the soft corals which surround the area.

Coral Garden

This spot is the last dive site within the Marine Parks boundaries and is ideal for photography with the coral heads paced beautifully apart. The Coral Garden is home to Moray Eels and frog fish, and you will often spot Emperor Angelfish playfully swimming around the corals.

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