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Looking to explore a sunken army tank or a cargo plane in the Red sea? How about swimming with the turtles in some amazing coral reefs? What about escaping the winter on a boat cruise, with friends and family, while watching the sunset?

Find us in the center of Aqaba in Jordan. We are a team of young professional and passionate divers that will make sure that you experience all that Aqaba diving has to offer in a safe and enjoyable way.



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Choose between Boat Tour, lunch or dinner cruise, scuba diving and snorkeling, PADI. From very beginner to experimented, family, groups or individuals. Ask us for more: Clean up dives / Night dives / affordable trip to Petra & Wadi Rum.

Aqaba, variety of marine life

Aqaba. The city where beauty and history meet fun, sunshine and the sea . A microcosm of all the good things that Jordan has to offer. Perfect for holiday destination : outstanding sites, good affordable services and facilities, warm weather all year round, and friendly people. But Aqaba’s greatest asset is probably the Red Sea itself. The crystal clear water allows you to experience some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. The undersea world have some of the most spectacular coral reefs where live a infinite quantity of colored fish. Here you can swim with sea turtles and dolphins, explore the army tank and plane wreck, dive in the Japanese garden.

Tips : Day trips to Wadi Rum and Petra can easily be organized from Aqaba.

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